Coronavirus outbreak

A special lecture on 3 Feb 2020 as part of the Global Health Lecture Series, in partnership with the UK Public Health Rapid Support... Read more »

Jared Kushner reportedly threw together Trump’s legal team at the last minute

[ad_1] President Trump had speculated about potential voter fraud for weeks, even months, in the lead up to Election Day, prompting many observers to... Read more »


The Pop-Up band "Sanitized" perform their song "Coronavirus." People are acting like the Coronavirus is the most important thing in life, but some are... Read more »

Foodsmart Coronavirus Support

Foodsmart Coronavirus Support Likes: 6 Viewed: source Read more »

Novel Coronavirus

This video is inspired by the by the Kovasckitz Brothers Covid_19 Film-- May God's peace be with all who have been affected by... Read more »

Photo shows Philadelphia police officer helping toddler, who wasn’t lost

[ad_1] The claim: A photo depicts a police officer holding a toddler who was 'lost' amid 'violent riots' in PhiladelphiaDemonstrations erupted in Philadelphia late... Read more »