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1. ”Many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time.”says our prime minister #BorisJohnson in coronavirus update.

A 80years old Chinese architect. XiangXinRan who redesign and rebuild the symbolic #YellowCraneTower in #WuHan. Wrote on the 20th of feb 2020.

“I don’t have much #fear of #death. I have already lived pass the average age of the Chinese. It is a matter of time before normal death. But if I die because of the epidemic, it is tantamount to be #murdered, I am #reluctant!

2. “ #Children at low risk of coronavirus complications, data shows” by

We are all questing China’s transparency on the reported data! Still based on their reported case: 2.4% coronavirus cases are children. Only 0.2% of the reported case are critically ill. And there are NO death reported!!! BUT Please watch this video I attached from 1:06 min. Three dead children’s bodies shared in one body bag!!!! No Death ??? It’s just lucky they are not our own kids this time!!!

3. Young and heathy people will hopefully recover from 7days isolation.

Did we all forgot the whistle blower LiWenLiang? He was only 33years old. Strong and healthy, left behind a five years old son and a heavily pregnant wife. Here is another heartbreaking case of 23years old blogger and influencer BoManer, she is not on China’s reported death list because this was her last words apologies for reporting rumor about the hospital and government. She was never seen again, only a message to her fans on the 12th of Feb, saying she is fully recovered and return home. ? Hello! She is an influencer and a blogger, where is her victory video??? On video 4:20

Also BBC’s own interview and report of an university patient. 4:57

4. “It is understood modelling used by the government shows there could already be between 5,000 and 10,000 cases in the UK community, despite fewer than 600 having been confirmed at this point.”

Independent News: 13/03/2020
“VIRUS PANIC Coronavirus news LIVE: UK cases hit 798 as expert says 60 PER CENT of Brits must catch deadly virus to build immunity. In a situation where infection is uniform across the country this could equate to around 39 million people becoming infected. According to earlier modeling by the World Health Organisation a mortality rate of 1 per cent would mean 398,000 people dying from coronavirus and potentially 1.9m people becoming critically unwell and needing hospital treatment.”

I suddenly remembered an article from the Guardian. 05/12/2019. “He may be a clown, but the threat Boris Johnson poses is deadly serious. Johnson may be a rogue, but what should worry us is that he is a risk to our economy, society, and democracy”.

Are you ready to play #catch22 with this biggest gambler and clown? In your and your family’s lives?

#coronavirus #COVID_19uk #humanity #community #takecareofyourlovedones

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