Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On High?

For followers in a ‘Greater Power’ of whatever tone, there should be times when one questions if that celestial body ever before sheds perseverance with what takes place below.
Simply picture that stated entity, after developing a wonderful present like the earth Earth, stopping at the plain view of the caused devastation produced by the contemporary human leaders.
So image if you will, the Planet developed to be the embodiment of excellence, with deep blue seas, loaded with cleaning aquatic life, corals reefs and also animals.
The rich environment-friendly fields and also woodlands, a genuine play ground for pets of every kind to romp and also increase in.
And also a skies, carefully repainted in an unlimited pastel of blue. The Sunlight, placed to waterfall the globe with daytime light. Its health and wellness providing rays a resource of power, vitamins and also radiation to promo the important development to Earths plant.
After that to provide a spin of merriment, vibrantly coloured birds contributed to rise cost-free upon the thermals vocal singing and also tweeting their very own wonderful track.
Bugs of all sizes and shapes, additionally taking their enjoyment by cleansing and also grooming the land, whilst used by ‘Mother earth’ as her little mail carriers of plant pollen to feed the excitedly waiting for blossoms.
Ultimately, to the globe came males and female in human type. By objective they were initially made simple, presented as just one more types on this huge orb of heaven.
Yet human’s had actually not been produced as equates to, vice versa. They were boosted in their powers, by including extremely dexterous hands and also an effective mind, efficient in ever before larger idea and also advancement. The human, deliberately, was predestined to develop, bloom, and also inevitably attain proficiency over the earth.
Certainly bloom they corrected many centuries. Via experimentation and also with making use of resourcefulness, human’s overcame the arts of farming, husbandry and also proliferation. This established them in addition to various other types, currently they can not just develop food, yet keep it for when required.
Therefore people can focus their effective minds on an ever before larger range. Yet gradually the human drive for globe enhancement started to shed its method. Progression came to be turned right into the quest of incorrect gods called cash and also power.
The easy essentials of life as originally produced for elegance, need or energy, were ending up being over used in the quest of revenue. Real objective of development ending up being damaged by overlook, or as plain civilian casualties of males temporary purposes.
So now, the followers in the ‘Celestial body’, should not be slammed for asking yourself if a few of the globes calamities of nature, weren’t in some create a very early caution of annoyance as cast down from over?
Words: “Do not press your good luck also much people!” Entering your mind.
Yet such activities in the past were mostly a local problem, whereas currently the harmful air pollution and also misuse prevents the globe. Those initial blue seas are currently flooded with sediment. The rich environment-friendly fields and also woodlands, ransacked for minerals, or removed bare to return ever before better revenues for ‘The Guy’.
Initially human leaders were males of vision that supported the land whilst thanking it for its true blessings. Such males of knowledge have actually currently unfortunately gone, and also in their location rest closed-minded males of cash, dehydrated for power and also addicted to riches.
Some significantly pointless caretakers, via absence of intelligence, or merely lacking rate of interest, really lay preachings to the elegance of power and also riches. With heads held high and also blown out breasts, they uphold exactly how the best worth of the globe is determined in the financial representation of a lengthy line of absolutely no’s on a computer system display.
So with all points taken into consideration, that would certainly criticize the ‘Greater Power’ turning nose up at such pointless sights to take some activity? Exactly how can such males of power, deaf, foolish and also callous factor, be made to see that they are dragging the globe down the incorrect course?
Refined cautions of the past have actually reoccured without impact, Mother earth has actually shown her power in numerous types of current years, yet no modification of instructions shows up honest.
Has the moment at some point come when a ‘Ultimatum’ from over schedules?
I for one can virtually listen to words from the paradises …
” Send Out in the Covid-19!”

Resource by Hobson Tarrant

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