Joe Biden’s law student granddaughter lays into president

Joe Biden’s law student granddaughter lays into president

File Image: Naomi Biden accompanying her grandfather Joe Biden during an official visit to China

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Amid a prolonged results process and ongoing lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign against late counting, Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden has taken a dig at the incumbent president, calling his claims of a “rigged” election “the case of Trump vs Reality”.

In a tweet about the lawsuits, which have already been rejected in several states, the 26-year-old Ms Biden said: “Cause of action: ‘he was winning’ but the ‘numbers started miraculously getting whittled away in secret’. 

“Legal claims: ‘Writing down things, the workers, and doing a lot of bad things’.”

Many lauded her “snarky-live tweeting” throughout the campaign and called Mr Trump’s claims “crazy”.

Earlier, Ms Biden gave a brief window into the anxious wait her family had for a result from Tuesday’s election. Ms Biden wrote: “I’d kill to be one of those people who ‘can’t eat when they’re stressed’ right about now.”

This isn’t the first time Mr Biden’s granddaughter has taken to Twitter to criticise the president’s conduct. During the first presidential debate, Ms Biden said she would have slapped Mr Trump for his “nonsense”.

“I wouldn’t have survived 5 minutes on that stage without slapping him across the face – and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that,” she tweeted at the end of the debate.

“So tell me how someone Trump calls ‘Sleepy Joe’ and says is on uppers could wade through an hour and a half of this nonsense.”

She also slammed Trump as “the worst president in American history” and urged followers to vote him out of office.

The Columbia law student is the middle of three children of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and has been a pillar of support to her grandfather in recent years, accompanying him on a number of official visits. She was named after her aunt, Mr Biden’s late daughter, who died in a car accident in 1972.

The Biden family has featured throughout the 2020 campaign, with several members taking part in or being introduced at the Democratic National Convention in August. Hunter Biden has also been a target for attacks by Mr Trump thanks to his business dealings in Ukraine.

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