Trump and his allies have won zero out of the 21 lawsuits they’ve filed since Election Day

Trump and his allies have won zero out of the 21 lawsuits they’ve filed since Election Day

Head Of State Donald Trump. Win McNamee/Getty Photos
  • Head of state Donald Trump’s project and also Republican authorities have actually submitted almost 2 lots suits because Political election Day in an initiative to oppose the outcomes of the 2020 political election.

  • The project submitted suits and also activities to interfere in situations in swing states Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and also Pennsylvania.

  • They have actually scratched no success, 15 situations where they have actually taken out or shed, and also have 6 situations pending.

  • Scroll down for a checklist of suits the Trump project and also Republican politicians have actually submitted and also where they stand.

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Confronted with the possibility of shedding to a male he invested months hammering as corrupt, doddering, and also emotionally lacking, Head of state Donald Trump is taking place violation, spreading out lies and also conspiracy theory concepts regarding a “set up” political election tainted by “significant fraudulence” from Democrats.

He’s rotated in between requiring that some states quit counting tallies, which he does not have the power to do, and also claiming that others must maintain checking, which they were doing anyhow.

Therefore, the Trump project and also various other Republican teams have actually placed 21 lawful difficulties because Political election Day.

They have actually won no.

The suits suggest that states and also regions have actually breached political election regulations, playing right into Trump’s political technique to reject the outcomes of the 2020 political election that President-elect Joe Biden won.

Republicans have actually submitted the suits in neighborhood, state, and also government courts in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and also Pennsylvania– all states that Biden won or is predicted to win, according to Choice Workdesk HQ information released by Expert

The Trump project originally had a solitary win, when a Pennsylvania court ruled on November 12 that novice citizens were expected to verify their IDs with region boards of political election by November 9, instead of November 12. The choice unlocked to invalidate the tallies of individuals that really did not confirm their IDs in time. Yet the state Supreme Court later on rescinded that choice

That leaves Trump and also various other Republican politicians with 15 situations they have actually taken out or shed, and also 6 that are still pending.

Lawyer for the Head Of State, Rudy Giuliani, discusses political election suits at a press conference in the parking area of a landscape design business on November 7, 2020 in Philly. BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP using Getty Photos

Right here’s a checklist of the suits and also where they stand

Pennsylvania– 7 losses, 4 pending

Nevada– 2 losses, one pending

  • The Trump project submitted a claim asking for that tallies quit being counted in the state over issues regarding signature-matching modern technology and also political election viewers’ insurance claims that they weren’t being enabled to see tallies being refined very closely sufficient. The Nevada High Court refuted the demand

  • The Trump project and also the RNC submitted a claim in state court asking to quit tally checking in Clark Area– a greatly Autonomous location– up until GOP authorities can observe the procedure. An area court declined the demand because the complainants did not have proof to support their claims. Republicans appealed the instance to the Nevada High Court, which claimed on November 5 that the project and also Republican authorities had got to a negotiation that enabled increased tally monitoring They later on took out the instance

  • The Trump project submitted a claim in Carson City Area Court declaring numerous abnormalities that the project asserted, without supplying certain proof, would certainly suffice to rescind the political election causes Nevada and also turn the state to Trump. An agent for Clark Area claimed it “seems like they are duplicating claims the courts have actually currently declined, misstating and also misstating proof given in those process, and also birding incorrect claims made by upholders without first-hand expertise of the realities.”

Georgia– One loss

  • A court in Chatham Area refuted the Trump project’s demand to throw out 53 tallies that a GOP survey spectator claimed shown up after surveys shut at 7 p.m. on November 3. The Washington Message reported that the survey spectator offered no proof in court that the tallies was available in late which region authorities affirmed that they were obtained in time.

Michigan– 4 losses

Arizona– One loss, one pending

  • The Trump project signed up with a claim brought by 2 Republican politicians in Maricopa Area declaring that a considerable variety of GOP tallies were revoked since citizens made use of Sharpies to complete their options. There is no proof that making use of Sharpies causes concerns with scanning tallies, and also, as a matter of fact, authorities have actually claimed making use of Sharpies is chosen. The Message additionally reported that the Maricopa Area lawyer’s workplace claimed no tallies were declined which if they are, citizens have a chance to cast an additional one. A Republican-aligned team deserted the lawful battle after Maricopa Area authorities tested the valid basis for the suit, and also the Trump project shed the battle quickly later

  • The Trump project submitted a claim in state court declaring that Maricopa Area was poorly declining tallies cast by some citizens. The instance stays pending

Trick situations and also High court judgments prior to Political election Day


In Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court ruled that political election authorities can obtain mail-in tallies up until November 6 as long as they are postmarked by Political election Day. Republicans asked for a prompt keep from the United States High Court that would certainly have obstructed the state Supreme Court’s judgment.

Yet the United States High Court was deadlocked at 4-4, leaving the reduced court’s judgment in position. Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, and also Samuel Alito elected to provide Republican politicians’ demand, while Principal Justice John Roberts, and also Justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, and also Sonia Sotomayor dissented.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett decreased to join the instance “due to the demand for a punctual resolution of it and also since she has actually not had time to completely examine the events’ filings,” the court claimed in a declaration. Nonetheless, Barrett has actually not recused herself, indicating she can cast a definitive 5th ballot when the High court uses up the instance once more.

North Carolina

In a comparable instance brought by Republican politicians in North Carolina, the High court ruled that tallies got as much as 9 days after November 3 can be counted as long as they are postmarked by Political election Day.

The choice followed the Trump project and also Republicans asked in 2 different situations for the high court to return in position a June law from the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature that would certainly have enabled tallies to be counted just if they were obtained as much as 3 days– not 9– after Political election Day.

5 justices– Roberts, Kavanaugh, Breyer, Kagan, and also Sotomayor– ruled versus renewing the law. Gorsuch, Alito, and also Thomas dissented, while Barrett did not join the North Carolina instance.


Republicans scratched a success in a situation entailing the target date to obtain tallies in Wisconsin. The United States High court ruled versus restoring an charms court choice that would certainly have enabled political election authorities to obtain absentee tallies as much as 6 days after Political election Day.

The court’s 5 traditional justices– Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas, and also Alito– ruled versus restoring the reduced court’s judgment, while the 3 liberals– Breyer, Kagan, and also Sotomayor– dissented.

The Wisconsin instance made headings due to Kavanaugh’s and also Kagan’s dueling point of views

Kavanaugh, a Trump-appointed justice that was validated to the high court in 2018, created in an acknowledging point of view that all tallies must be obtained by Political election Day.

” Those States wish to prevent the turmoil and also uncertainties of incongruity that can take place if countless absentee tallies circulation in after political election day and also possibly turn the outcomes of a political election,” he created. “As well as those States additionally wish to have the ability to definitively reveal the outcomes of the political election on political election evening, or asap afterwards.”

Kagan discharged back in a sharp dissent, differing with Kavanaugh’s assertion that the arrival of absentee tallies after Political election Day can “turn” the outcomes of the race.

” Justice Kavanaugh affirms that ‘uncertainties of incongruity’ will certainly result if ‘absentee tallies circulation in after political election day and also possibly turn the outcomes of a political election,'” she created. “Yet there are no outcomes to ‘turn’ up until all legitimate ballots are counted. As well as absolutely nothing can be a lot more ‘suspicio[us]’ or ‘improp[er]’ than rejecting to tally ballots once the clock strikes 12 on political election evening. To recommend or else, particularly in these fractious times, is to disserve the selecting procedure.”


A government court in Texas and also the state’s High court refuted 2 Republican demands to toss out almost 130,000 tallies that were cast using drive-thru ballot websites in Harris Area, among Texas’ most greatly Autonomous locations.

The Texas High Court declined a demand from Republican prospects and also lobbyists to throw the tallies. United States Area Court Andrew Hanen, designated by Head of state George W. Shrub, got to the exact same final thought and also refuted the 2nd demand from GOP prospects and also a conservative radio host.

Hanen ruled that the complainants did not have the standing to file a claim against and also ask that tallies that were lawfully cast be marked down. Nonetheless, he purchased the region to reserve the 127,000 tallies in instance a charms court differed with him and also eventually tossed those ballots out.

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